Buliisa man sentenced to 30 strokes of cane, fined two goats for abusing clan members

However, after seven years, Wobusobozi admitted his mistake and pleaded for forgiveness from the clan members.

Buliisa: A man in Buliisa district has been sentenced to 30 strokes of cane by his clan leaders as punishment for misbehaving.

James Wobusobozi, alias James Boda in his 40s, belonging to the ‘Bahukwa’ Clan and a resident of Musizi village, Biiso Sub County, was caned on Monday.

This came after the father of 10 children allegedly abused his relatives, including aunts, on the air waves of a radio station in Bunyoro during the 2016 elections.

This was after Wobusobozi and his clan members disagreed over the parliamentary candidate during the elections, prompting Wobusobozi to use words that the clan members deemed abusive against them.

This prompted the clan members to pass a resolution dismissing him from the clan and ordering him to form his own.

However, after seven years, Wobusobozi admitted his mistake and pleaded for forgiveness from the clan members.

Richard Kajura, one of the ‘Bahukwa’ clan leaders, disclosed that after pleading guilty to his misconduct and pleading for forgiveness, the clan elders sentenced him to 30 strokes of cane as a punishment before admitting him back into the clan.

Kajura added that they also tasked Wobusobozi to raise two goats plus a sack of cassava flour as a gesture of reconciliation with the clan members.

‘’Yesterday, Wobusobozi pleaded guilty to his conduct and decided to return home. We asked him to bring two goats and a sack of cassava flour, which he did, and in addition, we were supposed to cane him 50 strokes, but he pleaded for lenience, and we reduced them to 30,’’ said Kajura.

The clan leader added that Wobusobozi accepted the punishment and the conditions that were imposed on him, and that right now he is fully reunited with the rest of the clan members.

Wobusobozi admitted having been punished by the clan leaders for abusing his clan members on a radio station.

He, however, said that he was misled by some people who would pay him to abuse his clan members without knowing the repercussions.

Wobusobozi narrated that for the last seven years, he and his family members were not allowed to step into his clan members’ homes until he was forgiven.

‘’I’m now a free and happy man,’’ he said.

He applauds the clan leaders for allowing him to reunite with his clan members.

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