Buliisa fails to attract enumerators a head of census

The public is also encouraged to apply for these crucial roles. 

Buliisa: In Buliisa district, the local government faces a challenge in attracting applicants for enumerators ahead of the upcoming national population census.

Mr. Tadeo Tumusiime, the district planner overseeing the exercise, revealed that despite the interviews for supervisors and enumerators starting well on Monday and Tuesday, there has been a low turnout of enumerators in certain sub-counties.

Specifically, the sub-counties of Butiaba, Kigwera, Ngwedo, Wanseko town council, and Buliisa Sub-County have experienced this scarcity.

Out of the required 270 enumerators, only 210 applied and were considered, leaving a gap of 60 enumerators.

To address this shortage, the district authorities are actively searching for enumerators through the sub-county chiefs, urging potential applicants from these areas to step forward.

The public is also encouraged to apply for these crucial roles.

It’s important to note that supervisors and enumerators involved in the population census must be residents of the respective areas they serve.

Meanwhile, in Kagadi district, the Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) has initiated the recruitment drive for enumerators who will participate in the upcoming National Population and Housing Census scheduled to commence in May.

The interviews for census enumerators have already begun, starting in Mabaale town council, where 500 applicants underwent interviews.

The district planner, Deogratias Tibenda, shared that Kagadi district’s goal is to recruit approximately 1,500 census enumerators. These enumerators should have a minimum qualification of senior six or its equivalent.

Additionally, the district plans to appoint 215 supervisors with at least a diploma qualification to oversee the census activities in various parishes.

The National Population and Housing Census will take place from May 10 to 19, 2024.

The Bureau aims to hire 114,460 enumerators and 18,483 supervisors for this crucial exercise.

The National Population and Housing Census (NPHC) 2024 is scheduled to commence next month, running from May 10th to 19th.

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