Bagungu readies for 2nd edition of cultural gala

It provides an opportunity to educate the younger generation about their heritage and customs.

Bugungu: The Bagungu community is gearing up for their second Bugungu cultural gala, aptly named “Kabaari ka Mbinya Za Bugungu,” which translates to an event celebrating their rich cultural heritage.

This vibrant gathering is scheduled to take place on April 27, 2024, at Buliisa town council grounds.

Sharif Aguma, the publicity secretary for the Bugungu Cultural Revival Association (BUCRA), has confirmed that preparations are in full swing.

During this anticipated event, a diverse range of activities will be showcased, including: Staple Food Display, where the Bagungu cuisine will be highlighted, allowing attendees to savor traditional flavors.

Other activities include cultural dances, where the rhythmic movements and vibrant costumes of Bagungu dances will take center stage.

The Cultural Dress Exhibition, where attendees can admire and learn about the distinctive attire worn by the Bagungu people, and cultural riddles and storytelling, which include engaging riddles and captivating stories, will be some of the activities for the gala.

Aguma emphasizes that the cultural gala serves a dual purpose; firstly, it aims to showcase Bagungu culture to neighboring tribes residing within Bugungu, particularly those involved in the oil sector.

Secondly, it provides an opportunity to educate the younger generation about their heritage and customs.

‘’Importantly, this event is envisioned as a peaceful celebration, fostering unity and rekindling pride in Bagungu traditions,’’ he added.

Aguma firmly condemns any negative propaganda surrounding the gala and assures attendees of security and tranquility throughout the festivities.

Mark your calendars for April 27, 2024, when Buliisa town council in Buliisa District will come alive with the vibrant colors, rhythms, and stories of the Bagungu people.

Last year on April 1, Bagungu held their first cultural gala which took place at Buliisa town council grounds.

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