3000 get free power connections in West Nile

The beneficiaries will be able to receive a meter and service cable.

By Moses Alinda

Arua: The government of Uganda, in partnership with West Nile Rural Electrification Company (WENRECo), is set to connect people in West Nile for free.

The free connection service is one of the packages the government gives to regions to benefit the locals.

Speaking to the general manager of West Nile Rural Electrification Company, Kenneth Kigumba said over 3000 households in West Nile are set to benefit from this program.

The beneficiaries are those who are next to the poles within a radius of 30 to 35 meters, since no poles have been provided.

The beneficiaries will be able to receive a meter and service cable.

The connection is expected to end in six months.

Kigumba further says that those who will be interested are expected to fill out the application forms, which are at their service offices and on their website.

After filling out the application forms, they will be dropped off at their service centers within the region.

Those who will be getting them online will have to visit the WENRECO website and download the forms.

Kigumba further says the application forms are free of charge; however, there will be a charge of fifty-three thousand four hundred eighty-four shillings, which will be paid to the WENRECo bank account for the inspection and the five preloaded units.

He urges those interested to use authorized service providers to meet the standards for the internal wiring at a fee that will be paid by the beneficiary.

Meanwhile, Wangoic Judith, the public relations officer, says they have rolled out sensitization programs for the beneficiaries and urged the beneficiaries to own the poles so that they are not cut off, especially in areas where there is bush burning since it is dry season.

In some areas, people tend to cut down the trees along the power lines, which end up falling on the poles and interrupting the power supply.

Wangoic says that as WENRECO, they are ready to help those who may wish to cut down their trees so that it does not affect the power supply.

In most cases, areas where bush burning is practiced end up affecting the supply of power since some poles are burned and fall.

This does not only affect the power supply but also affects the environment and can also lead to the burning of homesteads if the fire becomes wild.

She has cautioned the beneficiaries to use the certified electricians so that there is no shoddy work that may cause loss of life and property and cost them as individuals where there will be electrocution in the family and also affect the meter, which will cause unreliability in power supply.

The applicants will need a photocopy of their national identity card, a wiring certificate from a certified source, and a map to their residence.

If well implemented, the government is expected to avail of more projects that will benefit the people within the West Nile region.

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