Masindi parents warned against child marriages

He rallied the community to work hand in hand with security to ensure that such parents or guardians are arrested and taken to courts of law.

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Masindi: Parents in Masindi district have been warned against marrying off underage girls. The vice jeopardizes their bright future.

The warning was sounded by the Masindi deputy resident district commissioner, Sanon Dhaala, while launching the Kabz Colours Foundation, an orphan and elderly based non-governmental organization.

The event took place on Monday at their headquarters located in Kisabwire Cell, Karujubu Division, Masindi Municipality.

Speaking as the chief guest, Dhaala rallied the community to work hand in hand with security to ensure that such parents or guardians are arrested and taken to courts of law.

‘’There are parents and guardians who are marrying off young girls, and this vice is common in rural areas, Its against the laws of this country and imploring the public to report such parents to face the law,’’ he asked.

Dhaala asserted that the vice derives children, especially girls, from their bright future. He however advised parents to support their children in education, noting that it was the only gift they could give their children.

‘’The only gift you can give to your child is education, and in the current Uganda, if you don’t educate your child, you’re burying him or her because there is nothing he or she can do, the world is going digital,’’ he asserted.

Jamilah Karungi, the founder of Kabz Colours Foundation, said the organization was founded to support orphans and the elderly since most needy children are abandoned and left in the hands of the elderly, who also have no support.

She added that they support the above categories of people through education, medication, and providing home necessities.

Karungi stresses that however much they have tried to support all the children, they are still overwhelmed, yet they have fewer resources.

She therefore appealed to the government, business community, and well-wishers to support the organization to enable them to groom responsible citizens.


About Kabz Colours Foundation

This organization was founded in 2020 by Jamilah Karungi with an aim of helping orphans and very needy children and their families in four aspects of life (i.e physical, socio-emotional, economic and spiritual).

After growing as a total orphan, abandoned child who grew up under the community guidance and distant relatives, Karungi decided to start this foundation so as she can give a helping hand to such people who are in such situations.

She started with five children who were total orphans and starving in the community but today she has over thirty children they are looking after.

The organization recruits children at the age of one day to 12 years, takes care of them in terms of welfare and education while in their homes up to the age of 20, if not departed due to contradictions and not complying with the policies.

The organization also aims at helping the children grow economically by topping their school fees in different schools where they go, equipping them with livelihood skills like handcraft skills for example bags, bangles, necklaces and many more.

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