Soldiers urged to embrace training, maintain discipline as crucial

“I want to thank the UPDF strategic leadership for supporting the Division in training and infrastructural projects,"  said Maj. Gen. Nabasa.

Moroto: The Deputy Commander Land Forces (D/CLF) of the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF), Maj. Gen. Francis Takirwa, has urged the soldiers to embrace training and remain disciplined in their military career progression.

Maj. Gen. Takirwa made these remarks on Tuesday, April 23, 2024, while officiating the passout of 393 troops after their successful completion of 3 months’s refresher training intake (4/24), conducted at 3 Infantry Division headquarters, Moroto army barracks.

He noted that through training and professional service, the institution is able to identify and nurture potential soldiers to take on leadership responsibilities.

“You must embrace further training and keep discipline as crucial elements in military career progression. It’s so important that you master your employment,”  said Gen. Takirwa.

Gen. Takirwa added that the training is conducted at various levels and calls for commitment and endurance for a soldier to overcome survival terrain and surroundings.

However, he appealed to local leaders to re-energize the sanitization. On the dangers of illegal possession of firearms, create positive mindset change and demystify economic activities to improve livelihood at house levels in the Karamoja Subregion.

The 3rd Division Commander, Maj. Gen. Don William Nabasa, asserted that the general security situation in Karamoja has greatly improved, which gives the joint security forces an imperative advantage to undertake regular training so as to customize troops for the required operation environment.

“I want to thank the UPDF strategic leadership for supporting the Division in training and infrastructural projects,”  said Maj. Gen. Nabasa.

Maj. Gen. Nabasa also lauded the sister security forces (UPF, ISO, ASTU, UPS, and UWA) for taking part in disarmament operations and registering tremendous achievements.

Brig Gen. Felix Busizoori, deputy Division Commander, called upon the troops to maintain the three vital pillars of soldiering, thus correcting the ideological path, good conduct, and remaining pro-people’s army, in order to achieve UPDF’s historical mission.

On his part, the head of the training team, Lt. Col. Deus William Achungwire, reported that the training objectives were met and the soldiers would perform to the required expectations, including mitigation of blue-blue on the battlefield. He explained that the enhanced capacity will help soldiers follow in the footsteps of those who worked before and protect the reputation that UPDF has created over time.

Three soldiers performed exceptionally well: Pte Okello Emmanuel (overall best), Pte Mugala Shifa (best female), and Pte Gimeyi Godfrey (best in marksmanship exercise).

Present were. Mr. Wopuwa George William, RDC Moroto; SCP Elias Kasirabo, Commandant ASTU; ACP Francis Chemusto, RPC Mount Moroto Region; ACP Lenga George Godwin, RPC North Eastern Uganda; Mr.Lokowua Michael, Chairman NRM; and Senior Officers of UPDF, UPF, UPS, ASTU, and ISO, among others.

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