Red eye disease outbreak confirmed in Masindi

He added that bacteria or viruses cause eye itching, which needs urgent attention after seeking treatment from a health center.

Masindi: The Masindi district senior health educator, Mr. Mudu Michael, has confirmed the outbreak of viral conjunctivitis, commonly known as red eyes, in the district.

Without disclosing the number of cases registered, Mudu said that the surging cases are in schools including Murro Primary School in Bwijanga Sub County, Kabalye Primary School in Karujubu Division, and Masindi Public Primary School in Central Division, to name but a few.

According to information obtained at Masindi district general hospital, at least 60 people are reporting for treatment of red eye disease, and cases are on the rise.

Mudu asserted that the disease is being transmitted either through direct or indirect contact, which includes sharing personal utensils like spectacles and pillows, among others.

The health specialist mentioned eyes turning red, itching, eye discharge, swollen eyes, and changes in vision as some of the signs of the viral conjunctivitis.

‘’Common symptoms of red eyes include redness, itching, burning sensations, excessive tearing and eye discharge. In more severe cases, patients may experience blurred vision, sensitivity to light, and eyelid swelling,’’ Mudu added.

The district health educator, however, said red eyes are caused by three factors, which include viral, bacterial, and allergy stressing that some people are allergic to some food or environment.

He added that bacteria or viruses cause eye itching, which needs urgent attention after seeking treatment from a health center.

Mudu asked the public to avoid touching their eyes, being in close contact with infected people, washing their hands regularly, avoiding self-medication, and seeking treatment from health centers.

‘’Practicing good eye hygiene, avoiding rubbing the eyes, using clean towels and tissues, and not sharing personal items and issues and not sharing personal items like makeup brushes or eye drops are essential. Regular hand washing and proper hygiene help reduce the risk of contracting and spreading infections,’’ he added.

Over 7,596 cases have been reported in just three weeks in the country.

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Innocent Atuganyira

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