Pensioner threatens to sue Arua District over his retirement package

He has given an ultimatum of one month to the relevant officials to pay his money, or they will be sued in court.

By Moses Alinda

Arua: A pensioner in Arua district has vowed to sue a section of Arua district officials after failing to pay his retirement packages since 2021.

Andama Milton a former civil servant with Arua district retired on 8th august 2021 but says after retirement to date he has never received his retirement package.

Milton vowed that he would not wait to die and that others would enjoy his retirement package after serving in government for over 30 years.

He has given an ultimatum of one month to the relevant officials to pay his money, or they will be sued in court.

“Some of these children in these offices are my own; I taught them in school. The good English they are speaking is because of me. Why do you want me to die before I receive my retirement package?”

During a meeting with the representative of the workers in the anti-corruption unit, Robert Keno, who was in Arua district hall to meet leaders of Arua city, Terego and Arua district, it was noted that some of the district officials have no respect for the senior citizens who have retired.

Keno said that it has come to their attention that when senior citizens visit their offices, they are mistreated, which makes them angry and sometimes causes them to die out of stress.

Alfred Okuonzi, the Arua district chairman, said there is a need to transfer the pensioners to their various districts so that they are relived.

He says the Arua district problem is caused by the central system in Kampala.

Monica Likaru, the senior human resources officer in Arua district, has apologized to the senior citizens for having wronged them.

She says the issue of pensions has been delayed because previously files used to be taken to Kampala, but recently they have been allowed to be worked on at the district level.

Issues of pensions and gratuity have left some senior citizens unhappy based on the way they have been handled, which has made some stop following up on their pensions.

Others say they are being harassed by the human resources officers and other personnel in the various offices.

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