Massive road rehabilitation gives hope to Kitgum residents

He is hopeful that the road is going to boost business in his sub-county.

By Christopher Nyeko

Kitgum: Residents of Pugoda East and Diete Parish, all in Namokora sub-county Kitgum district, are excited after the sub-county authorities commenced rehabilitation of the Guda-Deite community access road measuring 4.6 kilometers at a cost of 11 million shillings. The funding is under the Uganda National Road Fund.

Geoffrey Opyet, the Namokora sub-county LCIII Chairperson, told this publication that this financial year they prioritized the Guda-Deite road because it is the major road that can easily link people from the Namokora sub-county to Namokora Town Council and Lungor Health Center III in Omiya-Pacuha Sub-county Agago district.

According to Opyet, the work component on this road includes opening the road and creating a water channel for running water since the sub-county authority had already fixed the box culvert on all the water streams that require culverts in the first quarter of the financial year 2022-2023.

He is hopeful that the road is going to boost business in his sub-county.

However, Oryem Charles Olweny, the chairperson for work and technical services in Kitgum district, told that Kitgum district is currently implementing several road works, including a 40-kilometer road from Mucwini to Namokora town council (Chua road), Orom-Akilok road, Ayuma-Alune road, and Pawid-Lagoro.

He also reveals that the district under the oil seed project has also secured a 30-kilometer road. This road stretches from Ogul in Namokroa North sub-county to Abunai farmland to boost the production of oil seeds.

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