Masindi mother struggles to raise quadruplets

All the babies are in good health.

Masindi: A 27-year-old mother from Kibwona cell, Karujubu division in Masindi municipality, is struggling to raise her quadruplets, whom she delivered on January 28, 2024, at Hoima Regional Referral Hospital.

We visited the home and talked to the family to find out how the babies, who include a boy and three girls, were faring. All the babies are in good health.

However, their mother, Christine Kemigisha, revealed that she is finding hardship in giving adequate care to the babies amidst a lack of resources, and she appealed for financial or material help to enable her to raise them.

Kemigisha, who completed the ordinary level of education, is currently married to Dias Kato, a casual laborer working with one of the road construction companies in Kikuube district.

Kemigisha says her husband lacks the money to give adequate care to the family.

Kato was not at home at the time we visited the family as he had gone to work in Kikuube district, where he spent a long time before returning home.

This is Kemigisha’s second birth, and apparently she has five children, while for Kato, this is the third delivery, making a total of seven children in the peasant family.

The family lives in a small, rented, thatched house in Kibwona Cell.

Kemigisha revealed that her 78-year-old father-in-law, William Kiirya, takes care of the family during her husband’s absence from home.

She revealed that the babies were discharged from Masindi hospital last week, where they had been admitted for eight days with cough and flu.

She singled out feeding and clothing the babies as the most pressing challenge she is experiencing, revealing that they consume a tin of powdered milk, which costs Sh50,000 in two days.

Kemigisha appeals for assistance from well-wishers, including organizations and leaders, in raising the babies.

She revealed that the house where her family stays leaks and is not conducive for the babies to stay in.

William Kiirya, the grandfather of the babies, noted that the burden of looking after the babies is huge, and yet he has more members he looks after, bringing the number of people under his care to over 20 amidst little resources.

Scovia Kiirya, 62, the grandmother of the quadruplets, revealed that they have not had enough time to do anything productive since the babies were born.

She, however, thanked her village mates for the love and support they have rendered to the family since the babies were born.

Jane Kenyana, the sister of Kato, who got married in Kakumiro district, returned home and joined her family in caring for the babies.

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