Kinkiizi Diocese Bishop refutes allegations of rejecting iron sheets donated by ICT Minister

On roofing materials, t Hon. Baryomunsi graciously agreed and contributed twenty million Ugandan shillings in cash.

By Van Deguras

Kanungu: The Bishop of Kinkiizi Diocese, Bishop Dan Zoreka, has refuted the allegations that he rejected iron sheets donated by the Minister for ICT and National Guidance, Hon. Chris Baryomunsi.

This all surfaced after a video was seen circulating on social media from Uganda Broadcasting Corporation (UBC TV) alleging that the diocese rejected the donation of iron sheets to St. Peter Cathedral, Nyakatare.

The Bishop clarified that these allegations are false and are aimed at sowing unnecessary anxiety and anger within the community and portraying the Diocese of Kinkiizi and the Church of Uganda in a negative light.

Facts say that on Sunday, November 5th, 2023, during the Thanksgiving service for Rt Rev Dan Zoreka, for his 13-year ministry as the Bishop of the Diocese of Kinkiizi, Hon. Dr. Chris Baryomunsi (Minister of ICT and Kinkiizi East Member of Parliament), offered to provide iron sheets to re-roof the cathedral.

However, a kind-hearted member of the Diocese, Dr. James Musinguzi Garuga, had already donated the required iron sheets and delivered them to the Cathedral prior to the event, according to Bishop Zoreka.

Bishop Dan Zoreka appreciated the minister’s generosity and informed him that the iron sheets had already been secured and delivered. He suggested that the minister’s contribution be converted to a monetary donation to support the purchase.

On roofing materials, t Hon. Baryomunsi graciously agreed and contributed twenty million Ugandan shillings in cash.

The Diocese of Kinkiizi appreciates Hon. Dr. Chris Baryomunsi’s donation to the Diocese of Kinkiizi and looks forward to continued collaboration with him for the betterment of communities.

During thanksgiving ceremony, the combined efforts of faithful Christians, partners, and well-wishers raised over UGX 250 million.

According to the press release dated November 7, 2023, signed by the Diocesan Secretary, Rev. Gad Tibaijuka Njemura, the Diocese of Kinkiizi is requesting an apology over the so-called misleading report and urges all media houses to ensure accurate and balanced reporting to avoid causing unnecessary confusion among the people of Uganda.

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