Government warns politicians over the illegal eviction of Balalo

The community informed the minister that some of the Balalo in Lungulu are very hostile, and they are reportedly inflicting atrocities on the locals.

By Christopher Nyeko

Nwoya: The State Minister for Northern Uganda, Ms. Grace Freedom Kwiyocwiny, sounded a warning to a section of politicians who are inciting and moralizing the community to forcefully and illegally evict Balalo herdsmen from their area.

Kwiyocwiny, who was speaking to the local leaders, landowners, and Balalo from Anaka town council in Nwoya district on Thursday,

During the community dialogue, Kwiyocwiny said the government is designing modalities and ways of evicting the noncompliant Balalo who are reportedly causing trouble for the communities.

According to Kwiyocwing, evicting Balalo needs collective responsibility from both the leaders and several government entities, noticing that for the animals to be granted movement permits, they need vaccinations and thorough screening by the veterinary officer. All these activities need logistics.

The warning came barely a week following a launch move by a section of Acholi Members of Parliament who, on Friday last week, launched an intention to evict the Balalo herdsmen from the Acholi sub-region.

Speaking to the press last Friday, Poly Philip Okin, the Chua West member of parliament in Kitgum district, showed his dissatisfaction with the president over the persistent extension of his executive order number 3 of 2023, which he issued on May 19 but has never been effected.

Okin, who was addressing the media from NUMEC, described failures to implement the extractive order of the president as subordination and foolery of the presidency.

Gilbert Olanya, the Kilak south Member of Parliament in Amuru district, in his statement ordered the locals to get up and start implementing the executive order, which clearly stated that the indisciplined Balalo must leave Acholi land.

According to their road map for evicting the balao released by the aggrieved MPs, they were to start the eviction patrol from Pader district.

During the community Barraza, the community informed the minister that some of the Balalo in Lungulu are very hostile, and they are reportedly inflicting atrocities on the locals.

Alexandra Besiga, the chairperson of the Balalo community in Nwoya district, admitted that some of his members are very notorious, and they resolved in their meeting that no Balalo should carry their walking still, especially when they are going to the center, aware that some were using the stick to beat the members of the community, especially when they are drunk and are returning to their respective kraals.

In her response, the minister warned Alexander Besiga to put his members in order. The minister also directed the RDC to open the complaint desk, where members of the community are free to report any complaints, so that the complaints are addressed.

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