Former Nebbi RDC abandons NRM, crosses to UPC

He was dropped in 2022.

Nebbi: The former Resident District Commissioner (RDC), William Bob Labbejja, has taken a tough decision to abandon the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party and join the Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) party.

Labbejja, who previously served as a resident district commissioner in Nebbi, Moyo, and Nakapiripirit, has taken a bold step in his political journey.

According to Labbejja, the UPC entourage visited his home after learning about his abandonment by the office of the president and the NRM party.

They officially handed him the UPC flag, and he now plans to stand as the LC5 chairman of Kitgum District in the upcoming 2026 elections.

Labbejja’s decision seems to be motivated by a desire for recognition and attention from the cadres, as well as a connection to his father’s legacy as an original UPC strongman in the region.

His frustration with discrimination, infighting, and human rights abuses within the system led him to opt out of the NRM and the National Former RDCs, RCCs, and Deputies Association.

Labbejja’s experience highlights the challenges faced by public servants and the complexities of political dynamics. It’s unfortunate that he felt compelled to leave his previous affiliations due to these issues.

As he pursues elective positions, Labbejja’s commitment to serving honestly with dignity and his new political path allow him to make a positive impact in Kitgum District and beyond.

Labbejja, who was the former Northern Coordinator and spokesperson for the National Former RDCs, RCCs, and Deputies Association from 2022 to 2023, has opted out of the NRM and association.

He is trying to pursue an elective position after he got disappointed and frustrated over events that unfolded recently in his life journey after he was dropped by the appointing authority, H.E., the president, on March 23, 2022.

Mr. Labbejja reiterated that he can’t withstand discrimination, infighting, and human rights abuses that the system perpetuates on its own people and carders that serve honestly with dignity.

‘’That the same people you work with in the office can turn against you, fight you out rightly with lies, and remove you from office at will without any fair hearing.’’

However, he went ahead to criticize the handlers of the resettlement package (bailout) to former RDCs, RCCs, and Deputies as open discrimination, nepotism, and unfair treatment of the Northern Former RDCs, RCCs, and Deputies who were not considered at all with the resettlement package (bailout) arrangements, yet they all served the same government, something he can’t tolerate at his age.

He said out of over 40 colleagues who got bailout, only one person from Westnile subregion got, no one from Acholi subregion, three from Lango subregion, one from Karamoja subregion, while two were reinstated from the entire Acholi subregion, one person was taken by internal affairs, and the rest were left unattended to and abandoned to die in poverty, yet the dropping of RDCs, RCCS, and deputies was a total impunity in the history of the presidency, and the whole nation witnessed the mismanagement.

He alleges that no one is willing to listen to them amidst all the diplomatic engagements and dialogue initiatives they employed to access the appointing authority.

Nevertheless, he thanked the Minister for Presidency, Hon. Babiry Babalanda Milly, and PS Hajji Kakande Yunus for accepting now to meet the leadership and remaining RDCS, RCCs, and Deputies who are suffering silently as others were given a resettlement package while others were abandoned.

In relation to the above, former Kitgum district NRM Publicity Secretary and LCV Chairperson flag bearer, Hon. Labejah Bob William, has crossed to the Uganda People’s Congress (UPC).

According to Atim Brenda Kinyera, the UPC National Vice Chairperson, Hon. Labejah Bob William, is set to be officially unveiled this Friday, May 24, 2024, before the UPC Party President, Hon. Akena Jimmy Obote, in the coming consultative meeting with the people of the greater East Acholi districts.

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