Contractor abandons road works in Gulu

Gulu City Council is appealing to the contractor to resume and complete the remaining work.

Gulu: China Railway 18 Bureau (Group) Co. Ltd., which was contracted to construct a number of roads in Gulu City, has reportedly abandoned the project.

The company was contracted on July 23, 2021, and the project would be completed by October 23, 2023, but it didn’t meet its expectations.

At a cost of 42.9 billion shillings, the company was constructing roads that included those of Vincent Opio, Nelson Mandela, Onono, Francis Barabanawe, Ope John Paul, and Lakana Odongkara under the supervision of Trio/ICS JV Construction.

The project was being implemented with funding from Uganda Support for Municipal Infrastructure Development (USMID).

Now, the Gulu City Council is appealing to the contractor to resume and complete the remaining work.

The report presented recently to the council by Olok Christine, the Deputy Mayor for Gulu City, indicated that the road construction is substantially complete and is now under a defect liability period.

According to the report, some minor snags were observed during the monitoring held last year in August, and the constructor was instructed to correct the snag. However, the contractor hasn’t implemented it.

Olok noted that several reminders have been issued to the contractor, and his response is awaited.

According to the city authorities, the major work pending includes redoing some drainage slabs, completion of road marking on Dr. Mathew Lukwiya and Cathedral Ring Road, redoing of access roads, installation of boda-boda stages, installation of trash bins along the road, and other general corrections.

An attempt to get a comment from the company was futile since the person who was working as a sociologist replied that she had left the company.

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