Bunyoro musicians tipped on attracting sponsors

He adds that they also aim to have a gospel show on Kololo independence grounds by 2024.

By Flavia Ajok

Hoima: Musicians in the Bunyoro region have been tipped to compose unique and educative songs so as to attract sponsors to invest in them.

Eng. Jonard Asiimwe, the director of Jonard Conglomerate Investment Limited (JCIL), revealed this today evening while unveiling the partnership between the International Gospel Music Explosion (IGME) band and the Jonard Group of Companies.

Asiimwe says that the partnership aims at providing sound equipment, financial support, and lifting the IGME band to an international level.

He adds that they also aim to have a gospel show on Kololo independence grounds by 2024.

Asiimwe explained that if musicians in the region can only compose educational songs and be disciplined, there are many people who are willing to support them.

Musawo Kanyunyuzi, the manager of IGME Band, says the partnership is going to help them financially in advertising IGME Band internationally, among other things, making her work as a manager easier.

Pastor Robert Prince, one of the directors of the IGME band, revealed that people kept demoralizing them because they had no clear sounds, but with this partnership, Jonard Sounds is going to help improve the quality of their music system during their shows.

Darlson Mugisha, a member of the Igme Band family, appreciated the Jonas Conglomerate for partnering with them, saying this is what they have been praying for.

David King Kalisa Bishop Christ, the way churches, who also doubles as the director of the IGME band, exposed that those who thought the IGME band separated are not true, but rather have different activities they are doing that at times keep them away from each other, but they are still together as one.

The IGME band started in 1999; since then, they have been together, which they attribute to their involvement in Christ.

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