Bukedea pupils abandon school over poor structures

Out of the 329 pupils registered at school, only eighteen were present.

Bukedea: Pupils in Tajar primary school in Bukedea district have abandoned their school due to the poor state of the school structures.

The school structures are dilapidated and were suspended from use for over ten years.

Classroom lessons are forced to be conducted under the trees.

Mr. Pascal Akope, the Tajar primary school head teacher, says that out of the 329 pupils registered at school, only eighteen were present.

He said those who endure appearing at school conduct lessons under the trees. “We carry our classes under the trees, and when it rains, we chase away learners to run to their homes,” said Mr. Akope.

Mr. Stephen Mayende, chairman of the school management committee of Tajar Primary School, echoed that the other fact fuelling absenteeism is the barriers from the water canals created by the Acomai Irrigation Scheme constructors.

He said that despite the poor state of the school, the school lacks accommodation for teachers.

“Learners cannot cross the canals because of the heavy water, so some of the parents decided to hold their children at home,” said Mr. Mayende.

Mr. Jackson Ojekede Kamutur, LCIII chairman, said Tajar Primary School is one of the government-aided primary schools in the district.

He said over the years, reports have been submitted to the district concerning the poor state of the school, but there has been no response yet.

One of the structures at Tajar primary school/ Photo: George Emuron

“As a subcounty, we try our best to mobilize learners, but the school structure demoralizes pupils,”  said Mr. Ojekede.

Mr. Stephen Okurut, the Bukedea district education officer, said Tajar primary school is accompanied by numerous weather changes.

He said the abandoned structures were dilapidated, and learners would not risk using them.

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