Acholi religious leaders pray for the end of the Israel-Palestine war

In his prayer submission, Khalil condemned the war and asked God to heal those who were wounded during the war.

By Christopher Nyeko

Gulu: Acholi Religious Peace Initiative (ARLPI) has recently used the UN Day commemoration to pray for Israel and Palestine, who are engaging in deadly confrontation.

Sheikh Musa Khalil, the Acting Northern Regional Assistant to the Mufti and vice chairperson of ARLPI, today offered prayers to put an end to the deadly ongoing war between Israel and Palestine.

Khalil, who was given the opportunity to grace the ceremonial ground with short opening prayers, directed his prayer to almighty God to put in the hearts of the people who masterminded the war to reflect on the innocent children and civilians who are being killed in the rampage of war.

In his prayer submission, Khalil condemned the war and asked God to heal those who were wounded during the war.

Recently, Gulu City hosted the commemoration of the 78th UN day anniversary under the “theme “accelerating the achievement of the 2030 agenda and the sustainable development goal”.

The event was presided over by the Rt Prime Minister of Uganda, Robina Nabanja, who appealed to the UN to localize and popularize SDGs at the grassroots level.

 She acknowledges the UN for offering steadfast support to the government of Uganda toward achieving peace and development.

Nabanja reveals that Uganda is pursuing the SDGs through its national development plan aligned with the East Africa community vision 2050 and the African Union agenda 2063.

Susan Ngongi Namondo, the UN resident representative to Uganda, says the UN is struggling to implement the SDGs smoothly due to the number of wars.

Ngaongi named the war between Russia and Ukraine, which has affected the interest rate, chain of distribution, and world economy.

She noted that during the war in northern Uganda, the UN offered humanitarian support to the people.

Ngongi appreciated the government of Uganda for offering a hospitable environment to a million refugees and accepting to host them.

Alfred Okwonga, the Gulu city mayor, appreciated the UN for choosing Gulu city to host the historical event.

OKwonag asked the UN family to forcefully displaced people living in Gulu city with low housing for the categories of people he terms poor city dwellers.

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